Management, LLC

Debbie Supnik



Off Sunset Management , LLC was created to advise and counsel individuals in their respective fields who aspire to become part of today’s multi-platform media opportunities.  With offices located in Beverly Hills, New York City and outside London, Off Sunset Management, LLC can take advantage of geographically diverse opportunities for clients.

With over thirty years experience in the television industry,  we will be able to help you understand the vital steps to get yourself uniquely noticed  as an expert, author, lecture-circuit speaker, and television personality.

Our services will guide you in the following areas:                          

Talent reel assembly

                        Finding an agent

                        Creation of your bio

                        Selection of appropriate headshots

                        Establishing the proper contacts

                        Professional Enhancement

                        Media Training

                        Public Relations





Understanding the broadcast network, cable and television production company rules (standards) in getting you or your project recognized

                        How to make you stand out from other personalities and/or authorities

                        Merchandising, Product Placement and Product Integration


Brand Building

Off Sunset can assist in two ways.  First as a full service management organization we can guide your career through an ongoing personally designed plan.  Or, if there are specific needs that you wish to have addressed we can provide services to you on an hourly basis.

Professionals who may benefit from our services include interior designers, cooks and chefs, physicians, attorneys, lifestyle experts, health and fitness experts, authors, financial advisors, psychologists, contractors, home renovators, beauty and fashion professionals, wedding and party planners…just about anyone who envisions themselves preparing to be an expert guest or having their own television show.